Today was the first time I met my friends, Rachel and Andrew in Korea. This rendezvous with destiny was to be at Apgujung, Gangnam. Rachel and I were like the Asian version of Spanish conquistadores freshly arriving to the New World searching for riches and glory. With the oppressive summer heat beating against our backs, we met […]

Ok, so I’m gonna try a different writing style for my next few posts. (It’s going to imitate Brad Neely’s writing that dubbed over his version of Harry Potter) Another late start in another week in Korea and it is already hot as balls. I think it has been a month since I left the […]

I know that I done these observations before but as I’ve stayed in this country for roughly over a month, I’ll list out the things that annoy me or found interesting so far during my stay. 1. The North Farce I know that Koreans really like to go out and enjoy the mountain air and […]

My dearest Italian house comrades in arms. I hope none of you have cried too much this summer at the thought of not seeing my face because you all miss me! 😛 Anyways, even though I am an ocean away from you all (for some, two oceans away) I have not ceased from thinking about […]

So I went to Gangnam (Area south of the Han River) to visit my dad’s cousin’s (name is Victor) English hangwon “after school tutoring”. “Mirrrikal!” (Those who can’t understand what was written, it’s “Miracle” in a Korean accent) I’ve met Uncle Victor before and knew that he spent a lot of time in his youth fooling […]

Today I got to meet my grandparent’s second son. Let’s just call him “uncle”. He is a chef for Samsung and is in charge of feeding thousands of Samsung work employees. He was to drive us to a Korean cemetery because it was the death anniversary of grandpa’s mother. A thin, but solid man, who […]

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts for these past couple days. I’ve been sightseeing Seoul for the past week so far. I went to go see all these museums and exhibits. I tried to  compressing everything together of my visits in this post. I went with my grandma to go visit these places […]