Category South Korea (5/17 – 7/4)

“The Last Adventure: Everland Resort, Fallen Angels, and Redemption” – Day 45 (7/1)

Hello everyone! This is the last entry of my time in Korea. Soon there will be some stuff on China. Again, I want to remind readers that my literary style is based on of Brad Neely’s. (Go look him up if you don’t know the guy) To my fans and friends, I want to thank you […]

“Lotte World: The Amusement Park of Life and Death” – Day 39 (6/27)

When one goes to Korea, he or she should go to Lotte World at least once. The place is mostly for little kids but there are a few good roller coasters that can get your adrenaline pumping. We decide that Comrade Rachel would take charge of this expedition. We were to come from different stations […]

“A Tiger, A Wolverine, and Karaoke” – Day 38 (6/26)

Through the haze of cigarette smoke, a familiar voice greets me as I stand waiting in front of Gangnam Station. I turn and see a smiling Tony and an excited DaWoon. A handshake and a quick hug, we immediately set out on our mission: Find Dinner. After a short debate over food options, pondering, and risks such as ‘fried […]

“Old Friends” – Day 35 (6/23)

The bus engine rumbles to life as I recheck my ticket. Ok, bus to Jeonju, 11:30 AM, seat 3. Check, check, check. After giving a final goodbye to my relative, I sit back, relax, and fall asleep. By the time I wake up, we had left behind the city and entered the countryside. 농장 after […]

“Clothes, Magic, and Prometheus” – Day 33 (6/21)

It’s one of those days again. Those days where you take a shower, get all clean, and find yourself sweating like a pig before you even make it to the subway station. I was supposed to meet more of my W&M friends, Inho and Jessica. Getting off at Sinchon Station, I navigate through the crowd and get […]

“Divine Revelation” – Day 26 (6/14)

Today was the first time I met my friends, Rachel and Andrew in Korea. This rendezvous with destiny was to be at Apgujung, Gangnam. Rachel and I were like the Asian version of Spanish conquistadores freshly arriving to the New World searching for riches and glory. With the oppressive summer heat beating against our backs, we met […]

Eating and Deep Thought – Day 30 (6/18)

Ok, so I’m gonna try a different writing style for my next few posts. (It’s going to imitate Brad Neely’s writing that dubbed over his version of Harry Potter) Another late start in another week in Korea and it is already hot as balls. I think it has been a month since I left the […]