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A Bowl of Rice, Hogwarts, and Middle-Earth

(Right: The Pier) Ok, so I went to this Thai restaurant the other day and the food was pretty good. However, I also experienced the wretched feeling of paying 3 British Pounds for a bowl of white rice! 3 POUNDS!!! I guess there are not too many Asian around Scotland because if there was, that […]

Scotland – Homeless at a Mall with Giant Airplanes

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since the last time I wrote an entry. (Can’t really blog too much about W&M) I have begun my Junior semester of study abroad at St. Andrews University in Scotland. I admit that I don’t really know too much about Scotland or Scottish culture/history except for a few snippets […]

“The Last Adventure: Everland Resort, Fallen Angels, and Redemption” – Day 45 (7/1)

Hello everyone! This is the last entry of my time in Korea. Soon there will be some stuff on China. Again, I want to remind readers that my literary style is based on of Brad Neely’s. (Go look him up if you don’t know the guy) To my fans and friends, I want to thank you […]

“Lotte World: The Amusement Park of Life and Death” – Day 39 (6/27)

When one goes to Korea, he or she should go to Lotte World at least once. The place is mostly for little kids but there are a few good roller coasters that can get your adrenaline pumping. We decide that Comrade Rachel would take charge of this expedition. We were to come from different stations […]

“A Tiger, A Wolverine, and Karaoke” – Day 38 (6/26)

Through the haze of cigarette smoke, a familiar voice greets me as I stand waiting in front of Gangnam Station. I turn and see a smiling Tony and an excited DaWoon. A handshake and a quick hug, we immediately set out on our mission: Find Dinner. After a short debate over food options, pondering, and risks such as ‘fried […]

“Old Friends” – Day 35 (6/23)

The bus engine rumbles to life as I recheck my ticket. Ok, bus to Jeonju, 11:30 AM, seat 3. Check, check, check. After giving a final goodbye to my relative, I sit back, relax, and fall asleep. By the time I wake up, we had left behind the city and entered the countryside. 농장 after […]

“Clothes, Magic, and Prometheus” – Day 33 (6/21)

It’s one of those days again. Those days where you take a shower, get all clean, and find yourself sweating like a pig before you even make it to the subway station. I was supposed to meet more of my W&M friends, Inho and Jessica. Getting off at Sinchon Station, I navigate through the crowd and get […]