Summer Trip to China and South Korea

Hello readers,

I’m a student at the College of William & Mary and decided that instead of just hanging around town this summer, I wanted to go visit East Asia by myself!

I am currently on the third part and last part of my trip: Beijing, China.

Those who have been following my blog can see that I have stayed in South Korea and soon I will post an entry about my time in Shanghai.

I started this blog to keep my mind active in writing, to practice my style, and to possibly be a source of info for those who might want to visit South Korea or China.

Recently, I changed up my writing style by trying to imitate Brad Neely’s (Those who don’t know him, type his name in Youtube) with over use of similes, metaphors, and strange/awkward associations to things you never associate with. The names you see are real people and most events are real. Most of the dialogue never happened. But hey, why don’t you read an entry and decide for yourself which parts of the story are real or not real.



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