A Bowl of Rice, Hogwarts, and Middle-Earth

Pier(Right: The Pier)

Ok, so I went to this Thai restaurant the other day and the food was pretty good. However, I also experienced the wretched feeling of paying 3 British Pounds for a bowl of white rice! 3 POUNDS!!! I guess there are not too many Asian around Scotland because if there was, that restaurant would have gone out of business a long time ago.

Anyways, my stereotype of St. Andrews being a mix between Hogwarts and LOTR is constantly being reaffirmed. It seems that some of the students here have had dreams about being on Middle-Earth. Whether it’s about fighting with the Third Reich against a horde of Venetian vampires or traversing the Shire on your way to school, Middle-Earth seems to be the base scenario. Is it because the Brits take great pride in the fact that Tolkien is one of them? Maybe it’s the surrounding countryside looking like the Shire? I did hear that people from Yorkshire behave the closest to hobbits.

Here are a few pictures I took so far. Starting top to bottom: Ruins of St. Andrew Cathedral, My dorm (St. Regulus Annex), The Harbor

P1010613   My Dorm


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