Scotland – Homeless at a Mall with Giant Airplanes

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote an entry. (Can’t really blog too much about W&M)

I have begun my Junior semester of study abroad at St. Andrews University in Scotland. I admit that I don’t really know too much about Scotland or Scottish culture/history except for a few snippets of facts here and there. However, I’m always curious and open to learning more about different stuff (especially outside the US) so I’m not too afraid. To be honest, I’m just glad I’m traveling to an English speaking country so I don’t have to learn/re-learn on another language.

Right from the getgo, things did not go to plan. Because of the snow in the UK, my morning flight from Heathrow Airport to Edinburgh got cancelled at the last minute. Thankfully, another ticket was booked but it would leave at 6:30 PM. I would have to wait in Heathrow for about 12 hours.

I’ve been writing in a journal about my experience:

1/23/13 – 6:10 AM

So after a relatively comfortable flight, I arrived at Heathrow a little past 6 AM. It’s still dark outside but the airport is bustling. My experience with the English has been pleasant. The Brits are hospitable, kind, and considerate (whether it’s because I’m in an airport… well, that’s a different question).

Because of inclement weather, my early morning flight to Edinburgh has been cancelled and the earliest flight has been 6:30 PM. Day 1 in the UK will be spent in an airport. It’s like what the check-in baggage lady at Dulles said, “Being in an airport is like being in a mall with giant airplanes.”

Morale: much higher after a croissant

Weather: cold, snow but warm inside

I guess I’ll explore Heathrow? I couldn’t even work on this blog because put my adapter in my check baggage so my laptop’s shity battery died in 10 mins… My iPhone is 25% so I gotta put that shit on airplane mode.

I’m going dark, welcome to the UK.

1:00 PM

Been sleeping on a padded bench for a couple hours now. I look like a homeless person who happens to be wearing a nice North Face jacket. I doze off in and out. I should eat something but I’m too lazy to get my ass off this bench… There is a lot of people doing what I’m doing as they sleep on benches and seats. Still being paranoid and alert so I don’t get robbed. I rest my head over my backpack zippers while putting my legs over my carry on. I wake up again and this time some girl is sleeping on her bag which is leaning against mine. I guess it’s smart? All that physics wonder of the push and pull stuff. Oh well. It’s snowing outside.


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