“Buon giorno principessa!!!!” – Day 24 (6/10)

My dearest Italian house comrades in arms. I hope none of you have cried too much this summer at the thought of not seeing my face because you all miss me! ūüėõ

Anyways, even though I am an ocean away from you all (for some, two oceans away) I have not ceased from thinking about all of you. There have definitely been moments in Korea where I would think about some quote or saying or reaction that someone in I-House has said or done. I can confirm that the term “Wow, I’m done! I’m soo done” can be a candidate for an official I-house motto. If you’ve read my last post or have seen the number of skinny jean wearing, man purse carrying males in the streets of Seoul, you would be saying “I’m done” too. (No offense Ian for the skinny jeans. They look great on you) My puzzlement at how Korean males wear tight, long pants in this hot weather still puzzles and amazes me.

I’m sure most of you all have seen the pictures of the Italian Exhibition I posted on fb. For the record, there was an Italian Carabinieri¬†and a military personnel as part of the exhibit and it took a lot of will power and repeated thoughts of “no, this is neither the place¬†¬†nor the time” to yell out “Buon¬†giorno¬†principessa!!!!”

You all, especially Jordan, would be proud to know that I instinctively reached for a strand of uncooked spaghetti noodle at a restaurant and stared chewing on it. No one saw or yelled at me.

Koreans like Italian brand named items. They love noodles and garlic so I can assume they like Italian food. There are many markets around every neighborhood that resembles the ones in Assassin’s Creed. Tightly packed stalls selling produce, merchandise, meat, and food. I make sure everyone knows that my friends and I “make” our own coffee and not use instant. Cazzo!¬†They also drink a lot too. So those who have seen the video of big bird wobbling and knocking down boxes on the Italian house fb group, you can¬†see¬†people besides Ry-guy acting like that on certain nights in Seoul. Just replace wine with beer and rice liquor. One dinner = 6 bottles of Soju (brand of rice liquor). It’s work hard, party hard society so you see a lot of people outside just chilling out and drinking or playing.

Oh, one of my friend’s roommate happens to be an opera singer as a 2nd soprano. She knows a bunch of strands of Italian because of opera. I think I surprised and impressed her with the limited Italian I picked up at the house. Apparently, “Che ore¬†sono?” and “bellissima” sufficed. Thank you Elena

Julie, I think you would be happy to know that when the Devils scored in Game 4, I yelled, “YES!” really loud in the PC room (place I go to get internet access b/c my relatives don’t have any) and people just stared at me.

Julie, Schiano, Jenn Schulz, and Sophia

Recently, I seem to have Dear Reader and/or Very Potter Musical stuck in my head. Sounds of “You think this is a fuckin’ free for all of facts?!” and “Gotta get back to Hogwarts”¬† is going through my head. Can’t seemed to get it out. As I walk down a street in the night, you can just hear me giggling to myself and debate whether I want to relay my day’s events by whispering it to my horses and seeing what they think.

Giacomo and RA Jenn. I guess Ryan too…

The “hypothetical” time where I came in with 4 bottles of beer in my pocket and all of your reactions and mine has been a hit story with people over here. Thank you for such a great time that “never happened”

Aaron, I tried to tuck my shirt in my pants and even tried to do it as I came out of my room (to emulate you of course)…… It’s too hot for that shit. I’m sorry! It’s just too HOT!!

Oh yea, the trail about capers originating from Korea has gotten cold. Last thing I found out was that Marco Polo was the first Italian to reach Korea and that the caper is from Asian origins.

To my I-House friends, until we meet again.



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