Amazement [Yeosu day 2] – Day 07 (5/24)

We went to go see the 2012 World Expo today. The Expo’s theme is based on water. The basic messages were that water is a wonderful resource but its endangered from human presence. Each country shows what steps it has taken to make water reusable and to keep it clean. I was really impressed with the Denmark and Singapore exhibitions. Oh, I also bought a CCCP shirt at the Russian exhibition. You can expect me happily wearing that on campus. It fit perfectly and was the last one!

I also got to see my good friend, So Jung, who was working at the American exhibit and greeting people. Some fool showed up late to relieve her from her post so we could only have a quick bite to eat. We got food at the Singapore exhibit. I got chicken and rice while So Jung got chicken curry, which was THE shit!! A nice pile of seasoned rice with pieces of chicken.

For dinner, we went to this restaurant that was famous for some sort of stew. Apparently this famous Korean actor went there and everything. I ate whatever grandpa ate so I didn’t have the stew. I learned that looks and colors can fool you. I had a spoonful of this other stew that looked pretty mild. I could see the tofu and the cloudy swirls that signifies the mung bean presence. With one spoon, I swear I felt like throwing up. Call me a sissy if you want but I was totally caught off guard by the spiciness. On the other hand, I had this plateful of sliced, grilled pork smothered in this blood red sauce. I was probably one of the best pork dishes I have tasted. Succulent, moist and savory! (This is the prefect time to give tribute to Randy in South Park in the episode of Cafeteria Fraiche) “Awww yeeea. Fuck yea… That’s fuckin’ perfect!!” Ahem… sorry about that.

I have to admit that Ken Jeong, M.D., actor, and comedian, was right that out of all the Asians, “Koreans are the angriest motherfuckers”. They are always yelling about everything! I mean, I know I talk loud but at least it’s in excitement. The people sound angry all the time. Whether it is about politics or about not getting their dish in the 1 min grace period that they give to servers. It’s gotten to the point where I just want to say, “Chill the fuck out! The world doesn’t fuckin’ revolve around you!” But hey, I guess that’s Korea.

The fine meal I had was spoiled when an old, frail lady climbed into the bus and tried to sell her wares (ttuk: rice cakes) to us tourists from Seoul. After convincing a man’s wife to buy some, she made the mistake of asking the husband to buy some. Next thing you know, he’s cruelly yelling at her to get the bus so we could leave. That it’s entirely her fault that we can’t leave. Couple other men start to join in and yell at her too. I felt so sorry for as I saw her helpless face being verbally abused. What happened to the Asian emphasis of filial piety? What gave those men the right to yell at her like that? Is there a subconscious feeling of superiority? That because a person’s from the capital he or she can yell at others who are not? Maybe these men experienced these encounters before and knew there was a hoax. I don’t know.

I wanted to just give her 10,000 won = $10 for free. But to my amazement, I didn’t move. I just sat there with my noble thoughts while failing to act on them. I guess that’s what a lot of people do. When something unjust occurs, many of us stay silent or just click a ‘like’ button. Hiding in our holes and hoping someone else will rise to the challenge to get their hands dirty. I’m no exception. When we see genocide occur in far off countries on T.V., we show our shock and horror. Yet, we don’t immediately react and eventually just go back to our usual things, trying to block out the unpleasantness until it’s gone.




  1. I’m going to call you 강연수동지 from now on because I think it’s appropriate and an awesome reflection of our friendship as eternal Commies hahaha. This is a really great post! Like seriously, I really enjoy your posts and what you have been writing! Sounds like you’re having a great time and learning a lot, not only about Korea, but about yourself and the world around you 😀

    1. hahaha in this case, we would call each other 동무. I wish i can upload the pictures i’ve taken! There’s some good food ones and a communist looking ones too. Yea, I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s been a great experience so far.

  2. Sunny · · Reply

    Some old ppl tend to be so rude based on that thinking that ” i’m old and been living longgg thus im wise and you do whatever i want you to do.” or simply act like jerks…:(

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