“Old People” – Day 05 (5/23?)

Hello all!

My grandparents and I woke up at the crack of dawn to make it to a bus that would take us to the 2012 World Expo at Yeosu. Grandma and grandpa are members of this club that consists of people who happen to own hanbok shops (I think…). They are really nice people so far. After receving our breakfast on the bus, I was quite tired and wanted to take a nap. However, all the old people must have some hidden reserve of energy because they are ready to party. As we left Seoul, the makoli (rice wine), beer, and Soju (liquor) were broken out on the bus. Soon the men all have red faces and are quite tipsy. Next thing you know, they are all hollering to take a bathroom break. Screw napping.

After an old man gave a short speech about how everyone is quite old and that death is near our door step and how people their age should live well, happily, cleanly, and with vigor for their remaining years, the karaoke machine was turned on. While I sleepily wrote this paragraph, they just have an endless supply of energy. There was a woman who sang how that there is no one in the world who doesn’t like food, women, drink, and most importantly, friends.

Because of poor planning, we didn’t go to the Expo the day we arrived. Instead, we went to a buddhist temple that was on top of a mountain. The view was certainly breath-taking as you can see the whole day. I did a couple bows in front of a statue of buddha statue. sacrilege is it not? Apparently,  a woman who had wished for her dream to come true accidentally slipped in an “amen”. LOL

These old people never cease to amaze me. The supposed docile elderly are loud, rambunctious, and love to party. I think the closest comparison to them are a bunch of unruly soldiers. At a Korean seafood restaraunt, the men are outright rude to the waitresses (“The only way you can get served anything is to yell at them”) and cat call other women passing by and offered them to take a shot with them while their own wives are at the other table nearby. A shit ton of Soju are consumed and a heated debate of Korean politics ensued. Was Park Chunghee as hero or a merciless dictator to the Korean people? Was Kim Daejung a commie?

We are at a ferry and all the old epople are down the deck below having a dance party while the young are on the of the deck being serene. I am truly in the men’s club. Actually, as I was writing this part, my clean pjs were soiled by cigarette smoke in the hotel room. Fuck the smoke detectors. Fuck the “No smoking ” sings! Just open the fuckin’ window! It’s fuckin’ free for all. No bars to hold anybody! Oh yea there are  a few who are playing hwatu (Korean card game) and gambling with some money. I think grandpa just won lol. Now I just realized why grandpa disappeared for a while. He went to a local store to buy Soju and squid.

With 14 people in one hotel room, it was a long night.



  1. Sunny · · Reply

    hahahah were you on 관광버스?

    1. yep yep. it was actually better than the charter buses in the u.s.

      1. Hahaha, i can see this scenery in my head; all the old ppl dancing and singing trot and you just sitting uncomfortably :p

      2. it’s true! It was borderline grinding along with a disco ball and lazers and whatnot

  2. Old people scare me…

    1. i know!! They just went ape shit!!

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