Venturing Out – Day 03 (5/21)

Three things I learned from my experience.

1. Korean subway systems are superior to the U.S.’s

Today, grandma took me to visit Dongdaemun Market (East Market) in Seoul. We were to visit my grandpa at their hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) store via the Seoul subway system. I have to say, Korean subway stations are much cleaner and make our subways look like they are in the Stone Age. They built this glass wall hat separates the passengers and the rail. Thus, there is no way for people to fall in the rail. The floors and stairs are spotless and my feet feel like they can glide across the surface. Hanging on the ceiling are these LCD screens that show where the subway is in its route. You just see a miniature train just chuffing along across the screen until it gets to the dot that says your station name.

2.  Koreans wear pants

I mean, long pants. It has got to be at least high 70s to low 80s today. I was wearing shorts, feeling all comfortable until I began to ntice that almost everyone was wearing jeans or some sort of dark pants. I slowly started to become self conscious.  lol In this type of weather?? My balls would be on fire! Everyone seems fine with the heat and are not even breaking a sweat.

3. Korean pancakes are fucking awesome!

When we arrive a Dongdaemun Market, my grandma decides that it is necessary to get soondae (blood sausage stuffed with noodles), kimbap (Korean version of a sushi), and bindaettuk (Korean mungbean pancake). All at the same time. We find a little place to sit down after getting our food from different food stands (all along the way, my grandma questions the price of the food to the street vendor and noted how the other stall around the corner or down the street has a cheaper price :P)

When the bindaettuk comes out, my face was frozen in awe and delight. It was like the time I created chicken and waffles at Sadler for dinner. I just never seen such style of bindaettuck. The texture got me the most. It was lightly fried to perfectness. The crisp, golden brown texture was simply amazing. How did that lady do that? What kind of five star chef created this masterpiece? It was like a latka but at the same time not because there was no potatoes inside it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have reached a new level of bindaettuck crispiness. Unrivalled by any other. WOW.

I regret not taking my camera with me…



  1. I demand food porn now! And your writing is really good and fun to read! I’m glad you’re having a good time so far and jealous you are eating good food…

  2. 아ㅏㅏ 부러워.

  3. goood gooood 🙂 I promise to take many food pics and upload them asap lol

  4. Sunny · · Reply

    haha im so jealous too… enjoying your blog, phil 🙂

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