On The Plane – 4 Hours into the Flight

Ok, I know this is kinda overdue. But with the lack of internet access, I’ve resorted to writing a journal as my temporary blog and then copying them onto the blog once I have time. Oh yea, since I’m not writing on my laptop, I have no way to post pics of my travels until I find a USB or something. So just temporarily use your imagination please.

I realize that the excitement and glamor that’s associated when riding in a airplane is limited to a certain age. The happiness and excitement is only hanging by a thread. Being on a plane for long hours is merely  a chance to practice your passive aggresive skills. The man sitting next to me has been asleep even before the plane has taken off. His body has committed to this rythmic snoring that increases and decreases in volume. Glancing at him, his face reminds me of a W&M student’s. Slack, serene, and most importantly, drooling. Yes, this man’s saliva drips down on to his shirt like the Black Riders’ horses in LOTRs, foaming at the mouth and dripping saliva as they are urged by their dark masters to continue pursuing the ring bearer. Well, I guess he is not like the horses because he’s not foaming at the mouth… But it’s still an unsettling site.

A woman sleeps on the right of me. Her small stature fitting perfectly well with the size of her seat. She looks sick or maybe worn out. Alas, I am in the middle. Seat 45 B. This human sandwich is the arena where we fight to be comfortable. Well, where I fight to be comfortable. I’m in this intricate and delicate dance where I try to position myself without waking the two people next to me. Both passengers took the arm rests and I have nothing to lean to except forward. My only source of revenge for this predicament is when I take the sleeping man’s peanuts. Take THAT sleeping, drooling man!!

Even though I am flying above the clouds, I still exercise the long held practice of a college student. It’s like what King Leonidas said in the movie 300 ” Give them nothing! But take from them everything!”. Peanuts? Sure. Extra bread? Of course! A glass of white wine? Why not? A lot of peoplehate airline food and I have to admit, the allure has worn off. But to my surprise, the rice is better than the Caf’s! Crazy, huh?



  1. Sunny · · Reply

    which airline did u take?

    1. i was supposed to take united then go to singapore airlines to korea. but united cancelled the flight so i had to take Korean Air

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