Myeon Mok Dong – Day 01 (5/18)

Hey everyone,

I found a PC room where I can update my blog.

I’m staying at my great aunt’s house (let’s just call it relatives) while I’m in Korea. It’s in the town of Myeon Mok Dong (East of Dongdaemun Market). The house is off of Yongmasan Station, Subway Line 7.

Anyway, the neighborhood is quite old compared to downtown Seoul. It’s actually like a Korean version of early 20th century New York City and the boroughs. Telephone poles and wires create this spider web of lines across buildings. Children running around in the street trying to find the next fun thing to do. My relatives had been living in this house for 35 years. They decided to keep the house rather than sell it to developers. It has a small compound with plants. (I’ll post up pics later). Inside, is quite small yet cozy. Their washing machine sits on top of their bathtub.

I understand what my dad mean’t about Korean neighbors being so nozy (not in a negative way) while he was growing up. With such cramped quarters, it’s hard not to listen in on converstations and events that are happening right outside your window. Whether it be an argument or gossiping (and if it’s loud enough), people start peeping out their doors. 

In a sense, I’m happy to experience a part of Korea that has not fully adopted and modernized in the Western style. I’m definitely happy for not staying a a hotel because I am no longer protected by this bubble that blocks out the sounds of regular life. The clacking of metal pipes as builders try to set up a demolition project of the house right across from the house. The chatter and laughter replace the birds whistling in the street. However, I am not afraid to admit that I’m reduced to being a ten year old child. I’m too nervous and shy to venture outside the house into the alien world around me. I just just stay in the house and listen to the surrounding environment and use my imagination.



  1. William · · Reply

    Super confused about the bathtub/ washing machine

    1. imagine a bathtub. put a piece of plyboard on top of the tub so that it will cover half the tub. Place the washing machine on top of the plyboard. I took a pic of it but i can’t upload any of my pics yet b/c i don’t have wifi

  2. Sunny · · Reply

    this one makes me feel so nostalgic…

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