A Sore Throat and Internet… – Day 02

So I caught a cold. My throat hurts pretty bad yesterday but the pain has dulled a bit. I realize how vulnerable I am as a person of the 21st century who relies on the Internet for literally everything. It’s my only way to contact the world outside the little house in Myeon Mok Dong. I feel so helpless and isolated. Have I really lost the ability to be a resourceful being? Has humanity become so reliant on technology and the Internet that if we they were to be taken away, we should fall?

We, humans, see ourselves in the 21st century as in beings who are invincible and strong because we are armed with technology. We seemingly summon whatever we want with a touch of a button. Contact a friend, buy something, find out some information. Yet, with a simple flick of a switch, the fabric that makes up our world can be torn to pieces.

Too nervous and afraid (and maybe a bit jetlagged) to confront the world outside my relative’s house, I remain shut in my room and try to find solace in reading the Hunger Games Trilogy I brought with me. It was such a good idea to bring them along. It eases the long hours of confinement in my room until I slowly drift to sleep. I don’t mean to portray my second day in Korea as bitter or horrible. Maybe it’s just the culture shock. Everything seems so foreign. The buildings, the street, the language, the smell.

Like a said in my last post, I live in the part of Seoul that has resisted the oncoming horde of development. Tight houses jam packed together, forming little mazes and alley ways. Everyone seems to know one another as kids in the neighborhood run through the street laughing a chatting, looking for their next adventure. The buildings are detailed and show such complexity. The weather-worn buildings are ornated with an assortement of plants, windows, gates, toys, and shoes. Each one os different than the other. I consider this neighborhood as the equivalent to the old Lower East Side of Manhattan. Many may see the East side as a bunch of dilapilated apartments in an archaic arrangements. But its the sights, sounds, and color I compare this to. How many times nowadays do you see a bunch of kids just getting together unplanned and go to the local mini-mart in suburban America? Totally unsupervised. This is unthinkable in the U.S. with the fear of accidents, kidnappings, and the possible molesting frightening parents to not let their kids out of their sight let alone going outside.



  1. I feel like you’re turning into some introverted crazy beast …. ahaha.

    1. dude i was for the past couple days i arrive in seoul. The only solace I had was Hunger Games lol

  2. Oh noo feel better feel phil!!! lots of vitamin C!

    1. it’s all good now. thanks!

  3. William · · Reply

    Come on Alyssa posted pictures! Find a camera or draw a fucking picture

  4. rachel · · Reply

    phirrip. we must meet up before you run off!

  5. rachel · · Reply

    ok looks like we have until july 4 to meet up hoho. 010 9222 1637 save it. text it. call it.

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