Monthly Archives: May 2012

Top 3 Observations – Day 12 (5/29)

1.  Koreans are fast construction workers So many of  those who know me also know that I’ve worked for an American construction company for a couple of summers. Today, I had a first hand experience that confirms the rumors that the Koreans are very fast when it comes to constructing buildings. The buildings that were […]

“We are at a Communist rally at KU” – Day 08 (5/25)

Hey everyone! Today my good friend Jee Seong invited me to go to a school festival at Koryo University (aka Korea University and part of the SKY schools). Koryo is one of the three top universities in Korea. As many of you may know, SKY stands for Seoul, Koryo, and Yonsei universities. The current president […]

Amazement [Yeosu day 2] – Day 07 (5/24)

We went to go see the 2012 World Expo today. The Expo’s theme is based on water. The basic messages were that water is a wonderful resource but its endangered from human presence. Each country shows what steps it has taken to make water reusable and to keep it clean. I was really impressed with […]

“Old People” – Day 05 (5/23?)

Hello all! My grandparents and I woke up at the crack of dawn to make it to a bus that would take us to the 2012 World Expo at Yeosu. Grandma and grandpa are members of this club that consists of people who happen to own hanbok shops (I think…). They are really nice people so […]

Venturing Out – Day 03 (5/21)

Three things I learned from my experience. 1. Korean subway systems are superior to the U.S.’s Today, grandma took me to visit Dongdaemun Market (East Market) in Seoul. We were to visit my grandpa at their hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) store via the Seoul subway system. I have to say, Korean subway stations are much […]

A Sore Throat and Internet… – Day 02

So I caught a cold. My throat hurts pretty bad yesterday but the pain has dulled a bit. I realize how vulnerable I am as a person of the 21st century who relies on the Internet for literally everything. It’s my only way to contact the world outside the little house in Myeon Mok Dong. I […]

Myeon Mok Dong – Day 01 (5/18)

Hey everyone, I found a PC room where I can update my blog. I’m staying at my great aunt’s house (let’s just call it relatives) while I’m in Korea. It’s in the town of Myeon Mok Dong (East of Dongdaemun Market). The house is off of Yongmasan Station, Subway Line 7. Anyway, the neighborhood is […]